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Don’t let dropped/spotty calls, stuck text messages, and slow data keep you down.
A home cell phone booster can quickly eliminate dead zones or weak cell signal in any area of your home.

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How Does a Home Cell Phone Booster Work?

A home cell phone booster works by utilizing 4 basic components:

  1. Cell tower
  2. Outdoor antenna
  3. Amplifier
  4. Indoor antenna

Cell Tower

You have no control over cell towers. You might not even know where the particular one your cell carrier utilizes is located. But you can use your home cell phone booster equipment to gain leverage with your cell tower. The first thing you need to do is locate your nearest cell tower so you can point your outdoor antenna toward it.

Outdoor Antenna

The outdoor antenna will need to be affixed to your roof, facing the nearest cell tower. It is ideal for the outdoor and indoor antennas to be about 30 feet apart from each other. You’ll also want the outdoor antenna to be on the edge of your roof and not face across the roof. It needs to be unobstructed as much as possible.


The amplifier plugs into your AC wall outlet for power and transfers power to the indoor antenna.

Indoor Antenna

When placed in a window or other place with great service, and powered by the amplifier, the indoor antenna picks up the signal received by the outdoor antenna, amplifies it, and distributes it throughout your home.

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Why Use a Home Cell Phone Booster?

If you work from home, or no longer use a landline phone at home, you understand how essential your mobile phone is for running a business, staying in touch with family, children, co-workers, and friends, communicating with emergency personnel, or managing your life in general.

  • Supercharge your home office
  • Stay in touch with family, children, co-workers, and friends
  • Ensure you are able to reach the appropriate people when there’s an emergency

Eliminate Dropped or Spotty Calls

Imagine you are calling customer service for your ISP or another service provider that has long wait times. You patiently sit on hold for a half hour, and a representative is finally available for assistance. They transfer you to another department, and that representative transfers you to yet another department. After you’ve verified your account and explained your problem 3 different times, the call drops. Situations like this cost you time, and time is money.

Send Text Messages & Emails Anywhere

Is there a window or room you go to when a text message or email gets stuck in the outbox? Perhaps you even have to go outside to place calls or send messages. With a home cell booster, you can enjoy consistent coverage throughout your entire house.

Dead Zones? Basements, Garages, Attics

Another common problem is areas in a house with zero cell signal. Other places in the house have average or great service, but the basement, attic, or garage are dead zones. A basement is underground, so cell signal is unlikely to reach organically because it has to pass through multiple floors of material. At the very least, any received signal will be significantly deprecated. Garages and attics can have materials in their ceilings and walls that block or weaken cell signal such as concrete and metal. Metal roofs are modern and stylish, but they create problems when it comes to cell signal.

Keeping You Connected

We want you to enjoy your technology everywhere you go, so you can keep in touch with friends and family, create, run your business, or stay safe in emergencies.

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