How to Install a Pro·Cell RV Cell Phone Signal Booster

RV Cell Phone Signal Booster - Van with Pop up Tent Parked in the Woods by a CampsiteYou can enjoy great coverage on the road, at the lake, or in the woods even in your RV, portable home, or large vehicle with a Pro·Cell RV cell phone signal booster kit. These vehicles have special circumstances; they cover great distances on the road while in motion, and land you into spots that are likely further away from cell towers or surrounded by cell-tower blocking foliage and terrain. You’re almost guaranteed to battle a weak or erratic cell signal, but Pro·Cell RV cell phone signal boosters are designed to adapt while on the go and keep you connected and safe during your adventure.

How Does an RV Cell Phone Signal Booster Work?

The Pro·Cell RV cell phone signal booster kit enables you to go even further away from cell towers and still have great voice calls and high-speed data. The amplifier is the strongest on the market today, and supports all devices, all carriers, and multiple devices in one vehicle. It’ll be your favorite camping, fishing, or adventuring accessory!

Like the Pro·Cell booster kits for cars, the RV booster has an amplifier that automatically adjusts its boosting power according to changing signal conditions (movement) to maximize your coverage. From city to country, whether in motion or at rest, your booster quickly adapts. We took decades of experience and designed our product to work in any RV, large vehicle, or portable home. The Pro·Cell RV cell phone signal booster is designed to take a weak outdoor signal and amplify it to provide clear calling and good data speeds, anywhere!

Installing Your Pro·Cell RV Cell Phone Signal Booster

Now you’re ready to begin installation. Be sure to read the instructions all the way through before you begin installation. You only want to do this once! Make sure to plan ahead on where you’ll place all the equipment and that the cables will be able to reach.

  1. Using the 3-way mounting hardware, attach the spring mount external antenna to the ladder on the back of your RV. If you don’t have a ladder, find a place on the roof of the RV that is not obstructed for all 360 degrees around it.
  2. Take the cable attached to the antenna and run it into the RV. Drill a hole if there isn’t another opening that you can use.
  3. Find a place to mount the amplifier that can be reached by the antenna cable. A cabinet could work, but it will need a power source close by.
  4. Run the antenna cable to the amplifier and connect it to the outside antenna port.
  5. Mount the amplifier and attach the 20 foot cable to the inside antenna port.
  6. Run the 20 foot cable to the location you plan to affix the antenna – the area that needs better signal or where you’ll be using your phone most.
  7. Attach the indoor antenna and aim the front of it toward the area that needs boosted signal.
  8. Plug the power supply into a cigarette lighter and the amplifier.
  9. Congratulations, you have now installed your new Pro·Cell RV Cell Phone Signal Booster!

If you have any difficulty during installation, we are here to help. Send us an email at or give us a call at 651-982-4826
for assistance. Still haven’t purchased a booster? See our RV cell booster product page for more details about this device.

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