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Great cell coverage is great for business! Increase productivity and efficiency with an office cell phone booster.

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Why Use an Office Cell Phone Booster?

Businesses today are relying more on cellular devices, and patients or clients will surely appreciate a strong cell signal in your office. But, an office cell phone booster can do more than just improve customer satisfaction; it’s a great way to eliminate unnecessary strain on your internet connections, which interferes with the efficiency of business operations. Strong cell signal can also be priceless in emergency or crisis situations.

  • Improve patient, client, or customer satisfaction
  • Eliminate unnecessary strain on your internet connections
  • Ensure stable calls, messages, and high-speed data in emergency or crisis situations

Eliminate Dead Zones & Other Problems

Dropped and spotty calls are more than frustrating; they’re unprofessional. If you have visiting clients or colleagues that need to ask for your Wi-Fi password due to poor cell signal, it’s just a minor issue, but it could be eliminated!

Are your employees making their way to certain rooms or windows, or outside, to make calls and send emails? Their time could be better spent. Additional problems could stem from stairwells or parking garages with zero signal.

Office employees are using their cell phone to complete a large percentage of their daily work, and they deserve an optimized signal. Impress your clients as well with seamless, strong coverage.

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How Does an Office Cell Phone Booster Work?

An office cell phone booster utilizes 4 components to function:

  1. Cell tower
  2. Outdoor antenna
  3. Amplifier
  4. Indoor dome antennas (2)

Cell Tower

Many people are not aware of cell towers. You might drive by and look at one without even noticing what it is. Without knowing much about how cell frequencies work, we assume that poor signal can only be improved by our cell carrier. However, there are lots of factors that affect cell signal, and an office cell phone booster is the fastest, least expensive, and most effective way to improve your cellular coverage.

Outdoor Antenna

The outdoor antenna is placed on the roof facing the nearest cell tower, which can be easily located online. This antenna must be unobstructed as much as possible and, ideally, be placed 30 feet away from the indoor antennas.


The amplifier in your kit is plugged into a wall outlet and is also connected to the indoor and outdoor antennas via coax cables. An amplifier transfers power to both antennas and strengthens the signal it passes to the indoor antennas.

Indoor Antennas

The indoor antennas are placed in a location that gets the best signal, but near the sites experiencing difficulties with cellular coverage. The amplifier passes the amplified signal to the indoor antenna, which then distributes it into your office space.

Keeping You Connected

Businesses and their customers rely on cell service for many reasons. Get an edge on the competition with an office cell phone booster!

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