Get great signal
everywhere you roam

Like no other booster

Our mobile cell phone booster works in any car, truck, SUV, boat, or RV and is compatible with all carriers and devices. The equipment is easy to install and provides long-lasting, powerful cell signal even in the most remote locations. We took our decades of experience in the telecommunications industry and poured it into product we know our customers and clients are going to love.

No Communication Limits

No matter which type of vehicle you travel in, or which carrier you’re on, you can enjoy great results. Our mobile booster was created by expert telecom engineers with professional grade materials, so you can enjoy professional signal quality whether you’re on the go for work or play.

One of a Kind

PRO·CELL MOBILE has cutting-edge features other companies products missed, outperformed major competitors in remote area testing, and packs as much amplifying power as allowed by law.


PRO·CELL MOBILE with 50dB MAX signal enhancement – the most powerful vehicle amplifier allowed by law. The XRT Xtreme Range Technology feature is a unique part of the amplifier RF circuitry that allows better quality signal with lower outside network signals.


Ours is the ONLY signal booster manufactured with XRT Xtended Range Technology, and allows for the FCC maximum amplification of signal strength, boosting your signal 32X.

See What Your Phone Can Do


Let’s Get Down to the Specs

Wireless Innovation

If you’ve done your research, you know how good this is. Our cell booster supports all 2G, 3G, and 4G/LTE bands and comes with a streamline design, durable metal construction, good heat dissipation for longevity, low interference to cell towers, multiple user support, a 3 year warranty, LED indicators, smart AGC (automatic gain control) functions, and is FCC/IC certified and extends phone battery life.

Easy Installation

Plan ahead and follow along to quickly install your booster.

What’s Included?

Your kit comes with everything for installation and operation of your booster, and you never need to connect any wires to your phone.

Travel Cell Phone Booster

5dB magnetic-mount roof antenna

Patch antenna for interior of vehicle

DC power adapter with 6′ cable