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The Only RV Cell Phone Booster You Need

We worked hard to create an RV cell phone booster that is durable and versatile. Our RV cell phone booster was designed to boost your cell signal for many years, and to be compatible with any device or carrier!

There’s no need to spend your time reading cell booster reviews, measuring square footage, or looking up carrier bands. With PRO-CELL you get simplified product buying, professional grade equipment, easy installation instructions, expert technical support, and years of quality calls, messaging, and app/web browsing.

Why Do I Need an RV Cell Phone Booster?

An RV booster needs to work while your vehicle is in motion and at rest. While stopped, it likely resides in a location that is distant from cell towers and blocked by terrain, foliage, and the materials the vehicle itself is made from. Therefore, an RV cell phone booster is almost always a necessity rather than a luxury, for safety reasons.

People travel for work and for pleasure, and sometimes they need to work while they’re on a personal vacation. With an RV cell phone booster, you can guarantee that you’ll be able to keep in touch with your colleagues and clients, as well as family and friends.

The PRO-CELL RV cell phone booster adapts to your needs, boosting your cell signal during travel and while parked at your favorite recreational site. Enjoy peace of mind and allow yourself to fully relax on your vacation – we guarantee you won’t have to deal with dropped, spotty, or missed calls and messages.

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How Does an RV Cell Phone Booster Work?

An RV cell phone booster works in your camper, trailer, bus, wheelhouse, or other recreational vehicles by utilizing 4 different components to amplify and redistribute cell signal.

  1. Cell tower
  2. Outdoor antenna
  3. Amplifier
  4. Indoor antenna

Cell Tower

Our RV cell phone booster makes it possible to venture even farther from cell towers without the risk and frustration of poor call quality or slow data.

Outdoor Antenna

The outdoor antenna picks up the signal from your closest cell tower and sends it to be amplified and redistributed.


The amplifier included in your kit is the strongest allowed by the FCC today and supports all devices and carriers. Multiple users can enjoy great coverage in your RV. The amplifier for your RV booster adjusts boosting power automatically to adapt to changing signal and maximize your cell coverage. This is important in an RV because you need boosted signal while the vehicle is moving and while it’s parked.

Indoor Antenna

The indoor antenna receives boosted signal from the amplifier and redistributes it inside of your recreational vehicle.

Your New Favorite Adventure Accessory

The PRO-CELL RV cell phone booster is the adventure accessory you didn’t know you needed! It can be a priceless investment in emergency situations. Recreational vehicles and portable homes are made with materials that block cell signal from penetrating the vehicle, leaving you struggling to make calls, send messages, or surf the internet from a small window that provides little relief from an already weak outdoor signal.

Keeping You Connected

We want you to enjoy your technology everywhere you go, so you can keep in touch with friends and family, create, run your business, or stay safe in emergencies.

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