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With so many products on the market today, you can trust that our home cell booster was developed from decades of experience installing boosters for commercial applications. Use this booster in your home and enjoy a reliable, constant connection.

For 10,000+sf spaces Contact us about our DAS (Distributed Antenna System) – 855-708-5930

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Home Cell Booster

If you’re having connectivity issues with your mobile devices, it could be caused by a variety of factors. It’s not going to go away or get better unless you change the materials your home was built with, move closer to a cell tower, or learn to control the environment. There are a lot of factors that affect your signal, but a home cell booster is the least expensive, and most effective, solution.

For 10,000+sf spaces Contact us about our DAS (Distributed Antenna System) – 855-708-5930

Why You Need a Booster and Not a New Phone/Carrier

Many of us choose to no longer use landlines, which means we must rely on our cell phones to call from home. But, if you live in an area where cell signals are interrupted by environmental disruptions such as buildings, hills, trees, or other factors – this can cause “dead spots” in your home. No matter whether you’re a city dweller, a suburbanite, living in the country, or are situated way up north, bad cellular coverage can happen to anyone, anywhere. Fortunately, PRO·CELL has the right solution for amplifying cell signals in ANY home.

Super Easy to Install & Setup

Our home cell booster is compatible with all devices and mobile operators. That means you’re free to choose the right carrier for your needs. PRO·CELL boosters are easy to install and come with everything you need to boost your bars. Installation is a breeze because we’ve worked hard to make it as easy as possible for you; it’s as simple as following the instructions enclosed in your shipment. Need a little extra guidance? PRO·CELL is here to help. What are you waiting for? Get yours today!

Compatible With Any Carrier!

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