Small Office Cell Booster

The high-powered PRO CELL small office cell booster boosts 3G, 4G LTE mobile signal for devices on all carriers and technologies. Get consistent voice, message, and data coverage in any area up to 10,000 square feet. Your kit comes with easy to follow installation instructions and expert technical support.

  • Five band amplifier
  • Works with all devices, carriers, and technologies (3G, 4G, LTE)
  • Covers up to 7,000 square feet
  • Supports up to 100 users
  • Easy to install
  • Free expert technical support

For 10,000+sf spaces Contact us about our DAS (Distributed Antenna System) – 855-708-5930

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Small Office Cell Booster

Our small office cell booster was designed for offices or large homes more than 2,500 square feet and up to 7,000 square feet. If your office or home is smaller than 2,500 square feet, please see our home cell booster product page.

For 10,000+sf spaces Contact us about our DAS (Distributed Antenna System) – 855-708-5930

Easy DIY Installation

We designed this product with you in mind, making it easy to install and compatible with any device or carrier. All you need to do is place an outdoor antenna in an unobstructed location on your roof, and an indoor antenna in a location with great service, which is likely a window. You can determine the best placement for the indoor antenna using your phone as an indicator, and by looking up nearby cell towers online. These two antennas are both connected to an amp, which is plugged into an AC wall outlet.

How Does a Small Office Cell Booster Work?

The items included in your booster kit work together to extend the range and strength of your cellular service. An outdoor antenna receives signal from a cell tower(s), sends it to the amp to be amplified, and then transfers boosted signal to the indoor dome antennas. Then you can enjoy clearer calls, faster SMS/MMS and email messaging, and high-speed data anywhere in your office, even tricky dead zones or areas with erratic signal.

What’s in the Box?

1. 2 high-gain five band dome antennas
2. 70 dB amplifier
3. 50’ coaxial cable
4. AC/DC power supply
5. Easy to follow instructions and manual

If your space is larger than 7,000 square feet, please contact us for a custom solution. We are happy to answer any questions you might have before purchasing the small office cell booster kit. Feel free to call, email, or request a call/email on our contact page.

Super Compatible!

Additional information

Weight 5 oz
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 6 in

How It Works

Graphic showing how a cell booster works in a small office building

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