Works with Personal and Commercial Vehicles!

Try it on your Car, SUV, Van, or Truck. Even Police, Fire, and Medical emergency vehicles can use this product!

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Venture anywhere knowing you can rely on your cell service.
Commute, travel for work or meet up with friends without frustrating signal problems.

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Travel & Commute Trouble-Free with a Vehicle Cell Phone Booster

A vehicle cell phone booster needs to adapt to changing signal conditions, so it works great while you’re in motion and when you’re stopped. We never recommend using your cell phone while your car is in motion, but we do want you to be able to use apps that enable you to safely get to your destination without risky and annoying interruptions.

Imagine you have Google Maps directing your route. It cuts out and loses GPS signal due to a poor cell signal. You drive without directions or pull over to troubleshoot the phone, which leads to a late arrival to an appointment. If you travel or commute, for work or pleasure, you know how important it is to be able to use your cell phone in your vehicle. Don’t wind up stranded on the side a road in an unfamiliar area without cell signal. A vehicle cell phone booster is an affordable solution that is simple to install with immediate results!

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How Does a Vehicle Cell Phone Booster Work?

We do more than just drive in our vehicles. We surf the web, connect on social media, make professional and personal calls, and get work done all while parked. Nearly everyone relies on their cellular connection away from home for a multitude of reasons.

A PRO-CELL Vehicle Cell Phone Booster utilizes 4 components to work:

  1. Cell tower
  2. Outdoor antenna
  3. Amplifier
  4. Indoor antenna

Cell Tower

Your proximity to a cell tower is the main factor affecting your cell signal, among others. It can be helpful to know where the nearest cell tower is in any given location that you visit in your vehicle.

Outdoor Antenna

The magnetic mount outdoor antenna receives signal from a nearby cell tower and sends it to the amplifier to be boosted. It is fixed on the roof of your vehicle.


The amplifier adjusts its power automatically to accommodate changes in cell signal and transmit the optimal signal for maximum coverage in your vehicle. It is placed under your seat and powered by your vehicle’s 12V outlet.

Indoor Antenna

The indoor antenna is fixed to your dashboard or the side of your seat and connects to the amplifier. It redistributes amplified signal into your vehicle!

Power & Compatibility

Our vehicle cell phone booster works with all carriers and devices and supports multiple users in the vehicle simultaneously. Road trips, day trips, commutes, and pit stops will never be the same. Stop searching for signal and bring it to you!

Keeping You Connected

We want you to enjoy your technology everywhere you go, so you can keep in touch with friends and family, create, run your business, or stay safe in emergencies.

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